No matter the need, Berkshire can help

  • Relief now

    Afford medical treatments or pay off bills.

  • Plan ahead

    Empower yourself and leave a financial legacy for your family.

  • Fair value

    Let us help you find and get the most money.


"We had no idea that we could sell a policy that we no longer needed for more than the surrender value offered by the insurance company. Berkshire showed us the way."

- Robert W., Berkshire client

You did the right thing by taking out a life insurance policy to take care of yourself and your family. However, life comes with unexpected challenges — serious diagnoses, mounting medical costs, and outstanding bills, to name a few. A life settlement can be the life raft you need in these unforeseen, tumultuous waters. Afford medicinal care and pay off other bills now by converting your life insurance policy to cash through a life settlement.


Berkshire negotiates fair value for life insurance policies, usually much larger amounts than for what the insurance provider would buy back the policy. We strive to get you that money right away to cover living expenses, explore all treatment options, leave your family a financial legacy, travel the world — whatever you need or want the most.


You can trust Berkshire to help make the most of your money, so let us help you. Schedule a call with one of Berkshire's representatives to learn more about what relief a life settlement can bring.

“Berkshire helped me get twenty times more than the insurance company was offering.”