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fight against cancer

The cost of cancer care can be debilitating. Traditional medical insurance does not cover most alternative therapies. These extra expenses incurred fighting disease can present additional, unplanned challenges for you and your family. The financial impact of a cancer diagnosis is often a major source of stress and anxiety for those suffering with a cancer diagnosis. For many, these extra costs are the reason why they do not complete their treatment plans, explore alternative therapies, or seek out what's best for them and their family. We want to help empower you financially so you may explore all options. Just because you don’t have the cash in the bank, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the care you deserve.

The option of a life settlement can open doors to otherwise unaffordable treatments, relieving the stress of living expenses and bills or completing those items on your bucket list. Most of all, it puts you back in control of your financial situation. The average out-of-pocket expenses for someone afflicted with cancer in the last few years of their life can exceed $100,000. If you are unprepared for these expenses, we can help.

We have helped hundreds of people like you direct their own future by converting their life insurance policy to cash today.

Every situation is unique. We know you have questions. Please call us at 800-233-1745 to discuss yours and we can explain our simple, confidential, and fast process to your financial empowerment.


"Thanks to Berkshire, my husband was able to afford an experimental treatment that helped him survive significantly longer than the doctor's prognosis."

— Jake W., Berkshire client

Who can benefit from a life settlement?

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    For policy holders and families

    We can convert life insurance policies into cash.

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    For financial professionals

    Help your client unlock the full potential of their life insurance policy.

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    For life insurance producers

    Learn about an option that could help both you and your client.

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